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Tech Salvage specialise in the Recycling, Refurbishment & Repair of laptops & computers. We also relain spares from other household electrical items such as consoles & white goods, .

Tech Salvage is not a ewaste disposal company so we use our IT background and knowledge to refurbish, and redeploy IT and tech components to repair the tech belonging to firms and individuals across the UK and Europe.

The aim is to provide a prompt, professional and reliable service to all customers.

Put simply, Tech Salvage collects redundant and end of life IT and other Tech equipment from householders, then resells the components to repair companies, and individuals that don’t have the budget to buy new equipment.

Any equipment we are unable to resell or refurbish is ethically recycled. Tech Salvage try not to allow anything to go to landfill.

Tech Salvage also offer a PAT testing service for Class I and II appliances.

Our engineer has over 20 years experience in the electrical field and all componants are fully tested and come with a 14 Day warranty


List of laptops in the 'Breakers Yard' . Any part requred will be added to our eShop

Refurbished Laptops. All have been fully serviced & come with a 30 day warranty

Repair Service Available

New course coming soon


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