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Washing Machine Repair Manual

80 pages
Home Printed on A4

This Manual could end up saving you pounds on Washing Machine Repairs and Servicing as you won't have to call an engineer out.

Repair it yourself!

Written by a qualified engineer with over 20 years experience.
Includes an easy to follow Quick Fault Finding Guide.

All the different parts are listed in this Repair Manual which might need to be replaced.

In this Washing Machine Repair Manual, there is a step by step guide how to disassemble and to reassemble a Washing Machine.  

There is a detailed guide to each of the parts, where they are located within a Washing Machine and how to remove, test and replace each part.

Section 1: Introduction; Health & Safety, PAT Testing, Basic Plumbing
Section 2 : The Parts of a Washing Machine
Section 3 : Fault finding including Quick Fault Finding Guide
Section 4 : The Water system
Section 5 : Reference Section inc. Exploded Diagrams & Fault Codes

This manual is not make/ model specific; it is generic
All makes work on the same basic principles

Now comes with engineers contact information

Safety Note:
When carrying out repairs on Washing Machines to unplug it from the mains socket.

DIY Manual £4.99